Niles Morning Network

We invite you to join us for Niles Morning Network!

The third Tuesday of each month the Niles Chamber of Commerce will gather virtually for Niles Morning Network.    At 8:00 am our program will begin with a short (10-15 minutes) educational presentation.  This will be something pertinent to business and ideally something you can put into place almost immediately!  Next we will welcome our newest members.  o. Finally, every member in the room will be invited to provide us with their 30 second commercial.  This is a great opportunity to connect with our membership and keep your network strong!  Do you have friend who has been thinking about joining the chamber?  Invite them to join us, we always welcome guests and hopefully by the end of the morning they will see why membership is so valuable!

Do a friend a favor and invite them to Niles Morning Network!

Next Meeting

Tuesday, January 19, 8:00 – 9:00 am we will meet virtually!  Our educational presentation will be delivered by Dr. Erica Juris from Uptown Chiropractic Clinic.

Dr Erica Juris of Uptown Chiropractic Clinic will discuss proper office ergonomics. Office ergonomics can help you be more comfortable at work and studies have shown that a proper daily routine can help lower stress and injury caused by awkward positions and repetitive tasks. It focuses on how things are set up in your office work space and how you take time each day to stretch and destress. Proper office ergonomics has been shown to lead to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.
Let’s start the New Year right!