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Niles Chamber Executive Connect


"Connecting executives for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaborative growth."

Expectations of Executive Network members

a. Active Participation: Members are expected to actively engage in group activities, attend meetings and events, and contribute to discussions and conversations.

b. Professionalism: Members should conduct themselves in a professional manner, demonstrating respect, integrity, and ethical behavior when interacting with fellow members and the broader business community.

c. Networking and Relationship Building: Members are encouraged to actively network with other members, exchange contacts, and build relationships that can potentially lead to business opportunities, collaborations, or referrals.

d. Knowledge Sharing: Members should be willing to share their expertise, insights, and experiences with the group. This can involve offering advice, providing industry updates, or sharing relevant resources.

e. Collaboration and Support: Members should be open to collaboration and supporting each other's endeavors. This can involve helping, making introductions, or providing recommendations within their respective networks.

f. Attendance and Engagement: Members are expected to attend meetings, events, and activities regularly. Active participation and engagement in group discussions, workshops, or seminars are also encouraged.

g. Responsiveness: Members should be responsive to communication from the group, promptly replying to messages, emails, or inquiries from other members or group organizers.

h. Professional Development: Members should strive for continuous professional growth and development, including opportunities for learning, attending relevant workshops or conferences, and staying updated on industry trends.

i. Respect for Diversity: Members should value and respect the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of fellow members. Members should create an inclusive and supportive environment where all members feel welcome.

NCEC Member Contact List


Name Company Industry Contact #
Mayank Patel TeamLogic IT Computer Consultants 847-616-8400
Deb Manno First American Bank Banks 847-331-4609
Catherine Brukalo Catherine Brukalo Coaching Attorney/Life Coach 312-450-3630
Rowena Gobenciong Elison of Niles Senior Living Elder Care 847-208-3200
Alicia Sharp Friendly Insurance Advisory Gro Health Insurance 708-238-2461
Maria Urbanek Keller Williams Realty Real Estate 224-595-6970
Sheryl Mercedes Mercedes Design Studio Graphic Design 847-456-0830
Wilson Georges New Horizon Inspection Home Inspections 847-942-8768
Maggie Woroniecki Sikich Wealth Management Financial Advisor 847-809-8730
Suzan Georges Symcath Studios Videography 847-749-7187
Rob Chudik Insperity HR Advisor 847-757-6871
Michael Molidor Allstate Insurance Insurance 224-715-1363
John Barcanic Barcanic Consulting Business Growth 224-858-8843
Sonder Studio Sonder Studio Website Design 224-423-5973
Teresa Villalobos Jordan Essentials Skincare 773-983-5602


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